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Determine Your Style

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Determine Your Style

Social media marketing is a great way for real estate agents to network with potential homebuyers. However, it’s important to understand how your personal style will impact your networking ability. The following guide provides simple tips on how a real estate agent can determining their best personal style.

When selling a home, it’s important to understand that homebuyers have different tastes. A rich 20-something tech entrepreneur will have a different style compared to an engineer for a large company who is rapidly approaching retirement. When you choose a certain style for yourself, you are marketing your real estate skills towards a certain demographic. While this process may feel limiting, there are a number of effective ways to ensure that you give yourself access to as many potential homebuyers as possible.

When using social media to market your services, it’s important to appear professional. However, professionalism shouldn’t outweigh approachability. Many younger people like to connect with others through social media services. As a real estate agent, you can leverage this tendency to boost your marketing prowess.

If you’re selling a home, it’s a good idea to welcome all forms of communication. Twitter is a very popular communication medium for many people under the age of 30. With Twitter, responses are limited to only a sentence or two. When communicating through Twitter, your responses can be seen by anyone. While this may feel intimidating, it’s still a great marketing opportunity.

Real estate agents should make themselves available through web contact forms, email, phone, text messaging, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram and as many other social networks as possible. While it can be challenging to keep up with the myriad communication technologies of our modern world, any contact may yield a potential sale.


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