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Relocation Buyers… how are you helping?

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Relocation Buyers… how are you helping?

I recently made the move from Florida to East Tennessee… this gave me a completely new perspective on how a REALTOR can help those out of towners moving to your area…

Of course all Realtors should have the basic list with Utilities and service providers, along with the phone numbers, addresses and websites. You should have a page on your website for this Relocation information as well as send via email once you have that signed contact. Of course you already have a list of your Preferred Vendors… more than one of each company type and possibly something that says you are free to choose any, you do not represent.. blah blah… all about CYA but still helping the consumer.. this applies to in town and especially those moving from out of the area.

Here is a list of Services I wish I would have a list for as someone coming from out of state…

The Basic Utility Companies.. luckily the water department provided this for us… that was something I had never seen before!

Power – Having the number handy would have been nice when we lost power the first week… without power I have no internet, no data up in the mountains… eeek – couldn’t even look up the number to find number to call and find out what happened or report the outage.

  • Internet / Cable
  • Water Service
  • Garbage Service (moving from a regular city, I never heard of no garbage pick up before – eeek, luckily the Water Company provided a list of outsource companies that do pick up in my area along with everywhere I could recycle or the dump address.
  • DMV Office for DL, License Tags/Registration
  • Where to file Homestead

In addition, here are some places you may not think about until it applies to you.

  • Vet Information
  • City Hall phone, address, Website, Local FB pages or Groups
  • Local School Information for all grade levels
  • Police Department Information
  • Salons / Nails, etc (for the ladies especially helpful)
  • Pizza Delivery nearby
  • Restaurants & Nearby Shopping
  • Handyman Services
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Flooring / Carpeting
  • Nearby Attractions or favorite things to do in town
  • If your town has a fun Map with attractions, those would be great!

I am sure there are more that I haven’t thought about but as an Agent you could make a fun marketing piece to hand to your client… they will most likely put this on their fridge… this is excellent information to add to your website as well! A one stop shop for all things local to you! And of course if you are looking for blog, vlog content… all the these would be a great place to start! If you do short videos with the above, they can live not only on your website but on YouTube which will help make you the go to person in your area!!

Believe me, you will thank me later! And of course if you need help creatively, just reach out, I would be happy to help!

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