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Top 5 SEO & Website Tips

Images / Graphics

Make sure to name all of your images with a short description of what it is versus the name of the photo where you purchased or downloaded from. Make sure to never just “google” an image and use! Check out our blog with websites on royalty free images you can use for your website.

Add a Title & Description to every page

This helps search engines as well as consumers decide if this is the site they want to visit. When you do a search. The Title is the BOLD Blue Hyper link, the description is the short narrative under this. Try to keep this under 160 characters.

Add Local Content and useful information

Add Content that is Valuable and Local 46% of google searches are seeking local information. And 88% of Consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call within a day. Make sure you have your Google My Business Page set up and are utilizing it! Great local information for REALTORS – Relocation information and links, School Information, local events (St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Parades, 4th of July Events, Fairs, Home Shows). Check out this Local SEO checklist.

Social Media

Share your content onto social media channels and DON’T forget Pinterest & YouTube! Enhance those pins & youtube descriptions and make sure they link back to the page on your website!

Don’t set it and forget it.

Make sure to update and enhance your site frequently. Don’t set it and forget it. I use my site as a support tool for my business. I use my most asked questions and turn them into blogs. Not only does this add content to my site and keep it relevant but it ends up being a huge time saver for me because as I get the same questions, I can easily send over the link with the blog, tutorial, video, etc that lives on my website! No matter what your business is, you can do the same!

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My Top Questions on booj websites

#1 – My photo, phone # are not correct in my Bio

When we are designing your website, we are logging directly into your booj portal and not going in thru maxcntr. We do not go thru your Account information as this is not part of the booj website process. Your Bio on your booj site is pulling directly from your maxcntr profile. To update this information, log into remax.net, click apps and select the Blue “My Account” Tile, then click “Edit my Profile”. The phone number that displays on the top dropdown is your “Direct” Number so make sure you have that option filled out. While you are in there, make sure your Bio is updated, add your website and social links and your most updated HI RES photo!! Make sure your social accounts are listed as well as your “Agent Website – Click Make Primary” so this appears on your main remax.com agent profile as well.

#2 – Who is Joe?

If you google yourself + RE/MAX, your remax.com profile will display. Most of the time you will see testimonies on this profile. These are pulling over from the manual testimonies on your published booj site. Some sites had some default Testimonies from an agent named “Joe” – it seems an actual agent had their user name set up as remax so these pulled over by default. You can easily go to your booj website dashboard and use the dropdown to get to your manual testimonies and delete those testimonies (better yet, copy and paste a few in this area so you have reviews that pop up on your remax.com profile! 🙂

#3 – How do I connect my own domain?

You have your OWN domain – GREAT! We ALWAYS recommend everyone having your on domain that you have full control over! When your website needs change, you are able to have FULL control over where this gets pointed and believe me, from a marketing stand point, you want to have a domain that you won’t have to change on all of your marketing every time something changes! We article with step by step instructions for those of you who have their domain with godaddy! Read the article here!

Watch RE/MAX Tech Video on your domian manager here

#4 – What is SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This allows the search engines to find your website when someone searches a certain term on the web and allows your website to pop up. In my opinion this has become increasingly hard as the BIG giant sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, as well as all of the large franchises have a TON of SEO, searches, keywords, etc on their site. So popping up on the first page when someone searches a particular city and homes for sale is nearly impossible for the little guys without paying for it! My suggestion is getting hyper local when you are thinking about content on your website. This like a consumer, make your site a go to site to help you and give your clients (and others) information about your area and services so they can use your site year round, not just when they are looking to buy or sell. Think about it, someone looking to buy or sell will most likely be on one of those bigger real estate websites but if they are looking for a one stop shop for local events, real estate news, school information & calendar and they new your site had this content, they may just save it as a favorite and wouldn’t it be nice to be able to direct your clients to a page on your site for their one stop shop for relocation information (Utility companies) and what to expect during the buying and / or selling process? Think about adding content to your website that will save you time with answering the same questions over and over as well as giving out of towners & the locals an place to go for local information. This will contain keywords other than just real estate to help you organically pop up on those search engines. Check out this beginner’s Guide to Keywords & SEO.

5. How do I submit my website to the Search Engines?

Let’s talk about Google – Google (and others) use a web crawler to constantly update and find new content but it may take awhile for your site to actually register and be found. And if you have not added any new content to your website other than what is already provided, your site to Google won’t look any different than everyone else who published their booj website (see #4 above on helping you with this). Submitting your website pages to Google (and other search engines (Bing), will help search engines find and scan your website pages and enable that search to pop up faster. Read this great article by HubSpot about submitting your site to Google.

# 6 – How hard is it to rearrange my homepage?

Rearranging “blocks” on any page is as easy as dragging and dropping! Looking to have your Bio above everything? No problem! To edit, go to the page, then you will see the “blocks” on far left and the preview on the right side. Drag and drop the blocks and watch the preview change! (Note: not all blocks have the preview available so don’t worry of it doesn’t show up)

If all else fails, contact Support

Call/txt 888.398.7171, Visit the support site, or email productsupport@email.com

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Updating your DNS for booj websites

If you use the Chat feature through maxtech.me they will do it all for you.  You just have to give them login access. But if you are looking to do it yourself or after hours… check out the below info!

TIP: If you currently have your domain forwarded or have other nameservers, you will need to clear this data out and wait a few minutes before updating. Worst case, contact support where you have your domain and let then know you need to update your DNS settings for your domain and most will have you set up in a jiffy!!!

You have your OWN domain – GREAT! We ALWAYS recommend everyone having your on domain that you have full control over! When your website needs change, you are able to have FULL control over where this gets pointed and believe me, from a marketing stand point, you want to have a domain that you won’t have to change on all of your marketing every time something changes!

For your booj sites – Log into your booj dashboard and hover over website-go down to manage domains.

Log into the dashboard of where you purchased your domain. (Our example is thru godaddy). Once there click on your domain and chose to manage DNS.

Edit your CNAME to show the same value as displayed in booj and we had to edit add the A record to update the number.

Click Add in booj and save in your DNS dashboard and give yourself a couple minutes!!!

Give this process a few minutes and you are good to go! Don’t forget if you have set up any links to your website to update those links!

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