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Canva Basics

Just getting started with Canva? Let’s review your dashboard and get creative using a template!

Did you know Canva has a free version? In this video we will go over your main dashboad, your brand kits, fonts and get started using a template Canva already has pre-made and add our logo and change the font to make it our own creation for social media!

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Video Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

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Hey Realtors, Are you using Video Marketing?

Real estate agents have a large responsibility on their hands. They assist people in purchasing their dream homes and in selling houses that aren’t quite right for them anymore. Through the internet and traditional print advertisements, plenty of avenues are available for real estate agents to pursue. Forgetting the importance of video marketing is a mistake that too many agents make.

Video marketing helps to provide potential buyers with a fuller view of the house. Print advertisements are often limited in space for pictures, and many websites for showcasing houses do not allow for an unlimited amount of photos. With a video marketing campaign, buyers can see more of the house and more of its features. Also, some details are conveyed much better in videos than in photos.

For example, potential buyers cannot really determine the flow of the house from photos. They can’t see how the kitchen, living room and dining room flow together, nor can they see the distance from the backdoor of the house to the pool. Video marketing also helps to give customers a much stronger sense of how large the property actually is. Even if numbers are listed, a visualization creates a more concrete image in the minds of potential buyers.

Choosing this form of marketing also really lends itself to social media, another powerful tool for getting the word out their about houses. Instead of waiting forever to get a video to load on a website, individuals can head to their favorite social media pages and check out the content. Real estate agents that choose to use videos can gain more customers in this manner. Furthermore, if they are the only ones in the area offering videos, then buyers and sellers might be more willing to use them for their real estate needs.


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