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Agent-Team Marketing

“Social media won’t replace a handshake, BUT social DONE WELL will change the first meeting from a handshake to a hug.”

At this time we are not accepting any more Agents or Team Services. Feel free to look at our examples below for inspiration or the alternatives below!

Alternatives for your social feed…

No one can replace you and your ability to make connections thru personal posts but we understand sometimes you just need help with your feed without breaking the bank. Here are some alternatives to give you that filler content without breaking the bank.

Just remember – You will get out of social media, what you put into it. It is a SOCIAL platform and will work best when you create engaging posts which will allow you to make relationships and attract people that can make that personal connection with you and already know, like & trust you.

Back at you media will put your Facebook page on autopilot thru fun graphics, posts related to your business as well as your listings. The posts will be branded to you and will have a lead capture as well! Posts are engaging and they also have enhanced plans for you to run Ads (recommended). Plans start out around $125/mo

Standard Plan is $25/mo and they have a ton of content you can download and use or create your own custom designs using their templates. They also have social plans where they will put your social on autopilot for $50/mo

Real Estate Agent Directory will post to your Facebook Page with gorgeous photos thru their Page Engage option, the photos really do get engagement and they have add on option for your listings, home search, Home Valuation, contests and more. Plans start around $40 per quarter

Examples of custom posts….

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